How To Choose An International School In Bangkok For Your Child

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Choosing an international school is a difficult decision parents have to make. A school can make or break your child. Therefore, international school selection needs to be done carefully and wisely.  With so many available international schools in Bangkok, the question for most parents is “which is the best of them all?” Here is a checklist from global-broadcasting to help you settle on the perfect international school for your child. 

Begin by getting all the information you can about the school

Information is power. When choosing an international school for your child, you will need to collect as much information as you can from family, friends, the internet and magazine.  You may also have to make several calls to the schools of your interest to ascertain some facts that you need clarification on. Look for websites that are reliable when doing your research. 

As a parent, you also need to be aware of the international school’s curriculum, policies and services. It’s also important to consider the extra-curricular school activities such as sports, arts and music. 

Engage with the principal

Arrange to meet with the principals of the schools you are interested in to get a good sense of the school. Direct one on one sessions with the principals gives you the chance to rise any issues of concern. You are also able to talk about the school’s approach to learning, academic performance, safety and discipline policies.

School fees

The amount of school fees international schools charge has an influence on the final decision of a parent.  Often, parents in Bangkok will enroll their children in the most expensive international school because they assume it is the best.  This is further from the truth. There are several affordable international schools in Bangkok that are cheaper but have a lot more to offer.

Facilities and services available

Parents looking for international schools in Bangkok have an array of questions to ask;

  • Is the library well equipped?
  • Do learners have access to computers and the internet?
  • Is there a sports complex?
  • Does the school promote music and arts?

The answers to such questions play a vital role in influencing a parent’s final decision. 

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