Techniques of Hair Transplant in Thailand

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In the mid-thirties, some men start experiencing a receding hairline. The number increases significantly when they reach 50. That said, women also suffer from hair loss. This explains why many people are now considering hair transplants in Thailand to solve their hair loss problems according to Global-Broadcasting.

Unlike other destinations that drain your budget without getting results, Thailand is a renowned location for cosmetic surgery procedures such as hair transplantation. Even better, advancements in technology mean that the methods employed by doctors provide long-lasting and natural results.

The two primary techniques for restoring lost hair are invasive methods and non-invasive methods.

Invasive Methods

As the name suggests, this method involves making surgical incisions into the patient's skin. It is useful in treating extensive hair loss caused by balding or burns. There are two surgical techniques used for hair restoration – follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

In the FUT method, the doctor strips skin containing hair strands from the donor site. This is usually the back of the head since it is rarely bald. After this, the surgeon separates single hair strands and places them into an initially prepared recipient site. 

In the FUE method, the doctor collects individual strands from the donor site and transplants them into small holes made in the recipient site.

While the FUE method consumes more time, it has a shorter recovery period. Patients also do not have to bear a scar as with the FUT method.  

Non-Invasive Methods

If you are in the early stages of hair loss, you can use specific remedies to restore your hairline. These medications work by slowing down hair loss by improving growth and fullness in surrounding follicles that are not yet dormant. 

Among men, the two most popular ways to treat hair loss non-invasively are androgen-dependent remedies and androgen-independent remedies. 

Androgen-dependent remedies inhibit dihydrotestosterone synthesis, the chemical that causes scalp baldness in males. Results are noticeable within three months.

On the other hand, androgen-independent remedies dilate capillaries around the body. Is makes them ideal for women and men, although nobody knows they exactly work. 

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