Search Engine Optimization

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The Internet is the yellow pages for the world. There are about 19.2 billion documents on the internet. About 7.3 million pages are added daily. In any category you can image there are countless thousands of listings, generally millions. The competition is very stiff because all businesses want top rankings, but only a few can be on top. Bottom line: if your website is not on the first page, it is invisible. Almost nobody search past page one. There are no books by Google or Yahoo that explain exactly how to make websites top ranked. It is an empirical science, learned only through years of making websites, trying new strategies, adapting to changes in the search engines and learning by trial and error. Search engines keep their algorithms (mathematical search instructions) secret and they frequently change them. What worked a year ago may not work today. Acceptable web design techniques commonly used before may now cause your website to be banned from the leading search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is a dynamic process that is mercurial and always changing. There is no simple solution, no silver bullet or singular technique that will make your website top ranked. It is a very complicated process. If this was easy, everyone would be first, but of course that is impossible. The only thing that is really matters is your website, your rankings and your business. Nothing else matters. So choose your web designer carefully because your business, your income and your future depend on it.

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