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Another critically important selling technique that should be on everyone's website is a streaming video presentation. They are like TV commercials that play on your website. They explain to the viewer why the visitor should choose your products and services instead of your competition. A streaming video presentation is infinitely more powerful than just boring words on a webpage. I have been making web video presentations for many years and this has caused a tremendous increase in sales for many of my clients.

With the recent purchase of You Tube for $1.65 billion by Google, (a website all about web videos) web videos have clearly become well accepted and mainstream. If you don’t have a streaming video presentation of your products and services, you are stuck in yesterday. Nowadays everyone wants to get their information like they do on TV. Most people don’t want to read boring words on a page or look at lifeless still pictures. They want a video presentation that explains why your product or services are better than your competition. The average American spends 28 hours a week watching TV. If your website is just written words and dumb pictures, it is outdated and behind the times.  My web videos have grown into a new business. I make TV commercials in addition to web videos.  And also I have assembled a team of talented and experienced web designers and flash experts to help me.

We create personalize marketing strategies for your company, including genius marketing plans, viral marketing, and email campaigns. We help you build branding campaigns and to establish you as a leader in your industry.

Black hat search engine optimization techniques and generally thought of as unethical and can get your website banned by the search engines. They break search engine rules and are generally spamming techniques that bring only short term rankings until they are discovered. They are often used by porn sites. They include keyword stuff, invisible text and other techniques.

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